Friday, October 10, 2008

About Me

Blog Number 2.
Here are some totally random facts about me, just so you can get to know more about me. Well, they're not totally random, just facts.

My name is Rachel,
My middle name is Karen,
My birthday is January 18,
I am thirteen,
I am a CHRISTIAN and I love Jesus with all my heart and soul!
I have been going to private school all my life until January 2008 when I transferred to Public school in my town, in our grand scheme to get to Australia.
I have made so many amazing friends at BMS (Public school, my current school), and I still keep in touch and see most of my friends from CCA (old private school.)
I have barely travelled anywhere in my life. I have never left the U.S.
The farthest place I have been from where I live on the East Coast of America, is Florida.
I have been to New York City, but only once, for a day, but I LOVED it.
I like a lot of bands, and I'm trying to expand my tastes.
This time last year if you asked me what bands I liked I would have said: Good Charlotte, Linkin Park, Simple Plan.
If you asked my back in the beginning of January what my favourite band was I would have said My Chemical Romance.
Now I cannot choose what my favourite band is, or what my top three are. If you look at my profile you can see I like a lot of bands from a lot of different genres.
I love making videos for Youtube, they aren't the bestest, but it's still a super fun hobby of mine.
I like to write. Writing is my life, pretty much. I like writing fictional stories based on moments in my life. I keep a journal and sometimes I write from the point of view of a narrator, writing my life as a novel under the alias Frances. It's just a little game I like to do to expand my writing abilities.
I like writing poetry, or song lyrics, but I only have a few good poems.
Lately I've been trying to get better at drawing. A lot of my friends are into Manga and Anime, and I've tried that, but I'm better at more realistic drawings.
If you asked me a few months ago if I liked drawing I would have said I hated it because I can't draw, but my friend inspired me when she told me that anyone could draw well if they just took the time and worked at it. Which is very true.
I like to sing and I'm in Chorus at my school. My secret wish is to be a rock star when I grow up, but I guess everyone, at some point in there life wanted to be a rock star. I think I could have the potential of being a musician, but then comes the problem that I don't play any instruments, and my voice is very weak.
I love to read, and go on the internet. I have a Facebook, a Myspace, and a Faith Freaks which is a Christian Alternative to Myspace.
I like to take long walks on the beach... that is a lie. I don't really like the beach. But, I'm sure once I get to Perth I'll love the beach.
I don't do any sports, I have done soccer, and martial arts in the past. I'm just not a very athletic person.
My favourite class in school is World History. I would like to say English, but public school English class is much different then Private School English class was. I liked English a TON when I was in private school, but I hate it now.
For TV I like That 70's Show, The Simpsons, Family Guy, and lots of the silly shows on the CW. My absolute favourite show in the whole entire world is Dr. Who. If you haven't ever heard of or seen Dr. Who you are most definitely missing out.
Lastly, my goal in life is to grow in Christ and become the best Christian I can be, and the best person I can be. And, I do not know what I want to do with my life, and I'm still asking God to tell me what that is.
So, thanks for reading my blog, I will be updating it more as life goes on.


Hey, welcome to my blog. I'm guessing you know me because you are on my blog, but if you don't, I'm Rachel, and you are on my blog.
Yeah, so if you didn't know, this is pretty much a blog about my upcoming adventures. A few days after Christmas, this year, 2008, my family and I are moving to Australia to be missionaries. We aren't moving to the outback to work with aborigines, we're moving to Perth, Australia, on the West Coast, to a group called Create International which, I guess, is a sub-organization of YWAM (Youth With A Mission). So on further posts of my wonderful blog, you will hear about the trials and hardships, and adventures of my life, that will amaze you.